Why settle for less?

Start earning rental profits today

Faced with bad tenants? Always chasing after late rental payments? Not able to rent out your unit?

As a property investor, you should not need to deal with these issues. Let us solve all your worries today, and you can seat back, relax and watch your income grow. Don’t let go of your potential income, contact us today!

Rent Payments

Let us maximise your rental income

Forget about late rental payments or chasing after your tenants for the rent. Get your rental paid on time every month automatically.

Rental Payment On Time Icon
No need to chase for your rent

Rent automatically transferred to you

Pay Utility Bills Icon
Monitor and pay utility bills

Monitor and ensure tenants pay utility bills on time

Property Maintenance Icon
Keep property well maintained

Quotation will be provided for maintenance issues

Rental Report Icon
Monthly rental report

Monitor credits and debits to your account


High Quality Tenants

We will do the talking

We will screen and verify your tenants to give you a peace of mind. With paperless application and agreement, we will be able to get all these approved much faster. All of these are done without you breaking a sweat.

Tenant Check Icon
Credit & income checks

We ensure that your tenant is able to pay the rent

Lease Protection Icon
Legally protected

Protect yourself against bad tenants

Credit Check

Risk Protection and Hassle Free

Our guarantee

We guaranteed your property to be in the same condition before you rent to us. 

Guarantee Protection Icon
Guaranteed Damage Protection

We will pay for any damages done by the tenant.


Cleaning services as value-added to tenants and keep your property clean.

Property Management Icon
Property Management

We take care of day-to-day problems with tenants. Hassle-free.

Property Marketing

Furnish and market your unit

Your property will be fully furnished with IdealHub standards, and we will even get your renovation done with the lowest price. We will list and market your property out for free!

Furnished Packaging Icon
Furnishing Package

We help with room furnishings so it can be sublet-ready. Installment plan that deducts off rental income only when there is tenant.

Affordable renovation icon
Affordable renovation

Engage with our renovation team to beautify the place

Multiple Platform Icon
Multiple listing platforms

We will list your property on popular platforms

Get your rental offer with us today!

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